Saturday, February 17, 2007

Downfalls of thinking down below...

I just got it from an interesting ordeal. Had to blog it. I was taking out some trash when I decided to go for a walk (my horoscope said it would help me clear my mind, and I said to myself "shit I'll walk out to Hollywood and get drunk..." for some reason). While walking I got a message from Sarey Martin saying everyone was at Luna Park, so I figured I'd walk. Half hour or so later I'm out in front of Luna Park finishing a cigarette when lo and behold three smoking hot girls come out and ask me to take their picture. No problemo there. They proceed to flirt the living hell out of me, and then their cab rolls up. These chicks ask me if I wanna go with them to Republic for a private party deal, and I'm like "Three hot chicks, club, drinks: this is my lucky day!" So we roll a cab out to Republic, get to the door, they tell the bouncer who they are and he proceeds to let them in and close the rope on me. I'm of course trying to explain how I am actually with those girls, but they were already inside by then. So I start walking...

When I get to Wilshire and La Brea on foot I hailed a cab and paid the fucking 10 bucks for the rest of the trip.

Moral of the story: NEVER think with your dick

Still counts to me as a decent evening though. I mean hey I did get picked up by three stone foxes after all.

Get at me.


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