Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ape Cheese Theme Song

Possibly the only blog with a theme song?
It's on my myspace... if anyone knows how to link it directly let me know

-ed. by ollie so we could find the post.


elephantiasisoftheblog said...

here are the lyrics if you wanna sing along

If you wake up every morning and you don't know what to do
calling all your friends but work is all they do
you try to beat the system and you end up all alone
panting like a doggy every time you hear your phone
walk around the block
cause you're just so fucking bored
end up selling glances like a completely desperate whore
pack up all your things
put'em in a case
cause I'll take you to a site
where you're not out of place

Bagweed said...

dude this is fucking rad

jolly good

L'Idiot said...

haha! in complete agreement with josh. fucking rad. i love our theme song jascha! now i want to write one too!

Bagweed said...

"cuz we're Ape Cheese kids...10,000 strong...and growing!"