Monday, April 23, 2007


ARTBOTS: (the following text was taken from

"ArtBots is an international robot talent show held in New York City and other cities. It is sponsored by a variety of arts organizations, produced by an army of volunteers, and is directed by dorkbot founder Douglas Repetto.

ArtBots is vaguely modeled on a tongue-in-cheek version of Battlebots, where robotic art submissions are curated for a group show based not on their ability to fight one another, but on their ability to make (or be) art.

The show runs for a number of days, and two (nominal) prizes are awarded: the People's Choice Award goes to the work that gets the most audience votes, while the Robot Choice Award is decided on by the artists themselves. ArtBots is dedicated to the creation, presentation, and celebration of robotic art and art-making robotics, and to the promotion of the idea that robotics, and new technologies in general, are accessible, fun, intelligible, and useful, and that "regular people", not just a technological elite, can participate in and influence our society's technological progress. The show is promoted by arts organizations, engineering groups such as the Robotics Society of America, and educational institutions like Columbia University, New York University (NYU), and Pratt Institute."

Here's the link to some of the participants and the actual site:

I'm a big fan of "A Circle of Friends Discuss James Clerk Maxwell" by Mark Esper. It's brilliant, but really, they all are. Enjoy.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Eagle Vs. Shark - I wanna see this son

weird romantic indie flicks are go!

Friday, April 13, 2007

jascha rynek is full of quotes, id like to begin to post them.

"i had more of a libido last night, and then i broke my hand"

Thursday, April 12, 2007

kick over that vandalism

"Hey man don't sweat it we're just drunk.. this faggot was talking all sorts of shit to us so... you guys are cool we got no beef... later"

he didn't rally have a gun ha ha ha

Monday, April 9, 2007

Do yous remember?

...the last time you saw this girl?


I talked to her on the phone today briefly. She is doing good so she says. Worry not.

sometimes, its okay to want to die

last night was pretty much one of those awesome, "no, now THAT was the worst night of my life" kind of nights....the suckage was whipped and creamy and all over my cupcake.
I had no couch to sleep on last night so I picked the floor, unfortunately they are wood and cold and wouldn't you know it, pansy girl didn't have enough blankies? So you keep that slight shiver all night long, even though you cover every open, "wind drafting" hole in your little sad bed, made of two of the weird bedskirts and a blankie that smells like eight's nutsack in some delicious spots...then at precicely 2:39 am, a delicious roach who harvests crumbs from eight's nutsack (amongst other yummy entrails) crawled onto my pillow and onto, can you!! I leaped up and shook myself trying not to yelp, sigh...he was a big motherfucker too. then I lay back down and at precicely 2:48 am, jolette begins to snore every other breath for the next 39 minutes. I know what you're thinking, "gee, what a puss, at least she snores every other breath" but wait, then you can hear eight walking around causing mischief, prolly eating shit because he's been kicked out of bed. Sometimes he growls at chair legs too. And its these real gutteral growls that you can feel in the wood floors (especially at 3:56 am) . So sorry to keep going but i'm verrrry sleepy right now and you know when you stay up too late? You start to get hungry. So here's woe is me poor ollie, wishing she could eat brite spot soooooo fucking bad right now but instead she's listening to josh laugh from the other room and the sleeping beauty jolette rippin it through dreamland...i'm feeling slightly insane, did I stop defining sentences now? Is this one giant one? Its 4:30 now. Its fucking cold dude.

Oh hey I just woke up from a sick little power nap where I had a nightmare about pissing myself, awesome!! its five thirty, I can hear eight growling at another pant leg, awesome.

I think the house is empty now. I can't tell. I'm gonna find a bed and pretend last night never happened. I wish I has melatonin right now. And a baseball bat to knock myself out.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

easily the best band in japan