Thursday, March 29, 2007

ollie sarey josh agenda for thursday

1. Reminise/download about embarassing/awesome radio
(this section will be very telling of our ages/how we grew up)

a. bloodhound gang
(re: the roof is on fire: in the second verse he finishes with "this monkey's gone to heaven" i was too young to get it, so awesome!!)
b. goldfinger (wow, how much did you love this record? over and over and over i and friends listened, for me this is a record i taught myself to harmonize to, along with jimmy eat world's clarity, lol)
c. smashmouth
sorry, that first record was so rad. the lyrics that guy wrote was so fun to sing along to and shove your fist in the air while drinking a slurpee. josh can agree)
d. the pixies covers record
(sorry, josh may have bought death of the pixies but, this is how sarey and i discovered the band in high school, i remember chatting with a pasty goth boy as a young girl in the oldskool aol chat rooms about how the pixies were the greatest band in the world...i disagreed, for trent reznor is god, but he was right about something)

2. malvina reynolds' little boxes
learn so we can cover it like 56 other rad people

3. listen to the pixies
and cry

4. listen to the cranberries
and let them slay you. you will be shredded apart with their love and beauty. quit hiding behind phrases like "they're gay". there are not many things i'm sure of in life, but i am pretty f-ing sure that you are wrong wrong wrong if your heart hasn't been slayed by delores o'riordan. (by sarey)


BagWade said...

here in your bedroom, I can turn my head off

Anonymous said...

smashmouth? so rad? be proud, for ye are the only person on the internet, and possibly the world, to ever mix those two thoughts.

Raizza said...

when I was between 9 or 13 years old, I'd never stop listening to these two bands: ace of base and the cranberries

pretty much so, my older sister was the one who bought every cassette tape of the cranberries in the store. who every time she hears that smashing pumpkins' song, "1979", she would always say, "that song was made for our generation". -the year she was born.

ollie tamale said...

smashing pumpkins have infulenced me just as much but everyone already knows they're the coolest you know? sometimes its nice to bring up the bands no one likes to remember or admit really existed in our lives.