Saturday, March 24, 2007

Last Night at the Berth - Departing from SOP

Last night I was chillin at Jascha's watching The Departed. Ollie and Jascha had already passed out, but I couldn't stop watching the movie. That shit was good. Normally when you're at someone's place and they pass out it is time to leave, but The Departed was just soooo good. I couldn't walk away without seeing it to the end.

After a while Jascha seemed to be having doggie dreams. you know those dreams dogs have when they nap wehre they go "ruff" or "woof" and move their paws like they are chasing something. Only this was good buddy Jascha and not a dog. He was like "Hey! Hey!" and "Wha?" and kept grabbing at imaginary things. Good times. I decided to sit on the floor at that point because he was trying to use me as a pillow. Ha ha ha.

Sorry Jascha... it makes for good blog material. Ha ha.