Saturday, May 12, 2007


hello, i'm posting from the bar inside juanita's in little rock, arkansas..its one pm...last night we stayed in a la quinta inn that was probably the most curiously run down of the chain that we've been to (we tend to prefer these hotels cause they're just a slight step up from motel 6 and have wireless internet). there were countless loriders cruising at the gas station sharing the parking lot and lots of too loud farty bass echoing the streets.

greg is taking a nap next to me as i'm drinking a bloody mary that tastes like pure tabasco (ive only recently become a tabasco user, for a puerto rican i am not really able to handle spicy-hot things much). i know i should be good and drinking coffee but i haven't had one in three days and damnit, don't judge me!!!

i'm really here to kill time and ramble but i'd like to remind you that life is wonderful and fun and to work hard and be persistant with things you desire. i'm happy as a pig in poop right now and when you're happy you should spread the fire to others i believe. don't forget to make sure that if she's around you send a card or hug your mommy and grandmommy and tell them you wouldn't exist without them and that you love them - even if you're mad right now!

if only this silversun pickups record would stop skipping!!


elephantiasisoftheblog said...

you type this whole thing on a blackberry?

ollie tamale said...

Ya don't judge me, I have lots of time to kill...